Best Hikes in Slovenian Alps

People are often asking us the impossible question: What is the best mountain to climb? What is the most breathtaking waterfall to visit? What is the most scenic place to take a photo? Well, there is no such mountain, or waterfall or place in general. We can only rank measurable things, like the highest mountain, the longest trail, the biggest river. But beauty or experience, specially outdoor in nature, is something not measurable. However, we tried our best. This article is our attempt to list some of the best hikes in Slovenian mountains. For sure there are others that could also be listed here. But at least with these presented, you can’t got wrong by most standards.


Triglav Lakes Valley, Julian Alps

Triglav Lakes Valley is one of the most romantic places in mountains of Julian Alps. It is a valley above famous lake Bohinj, climbing towards Mt Triglav and Mt Kanjavec. The valley is also known as Seven Lakes Valley. Funny, because actually all together there are ten and not seven lakes there. Anyhow, all the lakes in the valley are connected together with common underground water flow. Ultimately, water from the lakes comes out as spectacular waterfall ‘Slap Savica’ at the end of Bohinj valley, which feeds the Bohinj lake itself.

Best way to experience the entire magnitude of the valley is to take a 3 days for the hike. Starting from Bohinj you should be able to reach the lowest hut (Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih) in one full day.  From there you can climb upwards the valley till the end of it easily the next day. Taking the third day in your itinerary will allow you not to be in a rush and have some time to just inhale the nature there and explore it better.

Triglav Lakes Valley
Triglav Lakes Valley, Julian Alps

Anyway, if you have only a day it is still possible to do a part of the hike. In this case best is to start from ‘Planina Blato’, just north from lake Bohinj. A small but mainly paved road takes you up there from from ‘Stara Fužina’. Also be prepared to pay road tool, that helps local to manage the road often damaged by water and snow.

If you are keen to do the hike on your own, don’t forget that you are in high mountains. Besides all the essential equipment, use a proper hiking map like these: Bohinj, Triglav.


Velika Planina, Kamnik Alps

This is an easy hike that you will still keep in your memory. It is also a perfect choice for families with children or for seniors. ‘Velika Planina’ means ‘The big pasture’ in Slovenian language. It is mountain plateau elevated between 1400 and 1650 m high (4600 – 5400 feet). Nowadays they pasture cattle there in summer months. Thus do not hesitate to taste some of their locally made dairy products. Most popular among Slovenians is so called Soured Milk, which is a kind of refreshing sugarless yogurt.

Velika planina | Photo: Aleš Česen
Velika planina, Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Best way to access the plateau is taking the Cable Car from Kamniška Bistrica. You will also find some basic map at the cashier that is good enough for you to get by through the days hike.


Mt Viševnik from Pokljuka, Julian Alps

Viševnik is one of the easiest 2-thousanders in Slovenian mountains. Therefore maybe choose some alternatives for a weekend during the high season. Otherwise it is a superb half-day hike to do. Best is to start from ‘Rudno Polje’ which is located in the heard of Pokljuka plateau. A half an hour drive takes you there from Bled.

View from Viševnik, Julian Alps
View from Viševnik, Julian Alps

You take a well beaten track crossing a small ski area in lower part. After 2 hours of slow to moderate pace will take you on the summit. Only there you will realise, why was this hike truly worth it. With a bit of luck with the weather, you shall have a view that is pretty hard to beat. Most obvious will be Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountains, which you well have it right in front of you. Besides the Julian Alps, you can will enjoy a view on the entire Karawanks ridge on the north and Kamnik Alps on the east.


Logar Valley, Kamnik Alps

Logar Valley (‘Logarska dolina’ in Slovene) is without a doubt one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Slovenian Alps. Apart from hiker, it is for sure a top destination for cyclists also. The valley is well maintained landscape park. It is located on the north-east side of Kamnik Alps, close to the Austrian border. A superb starting point for various mountaineering activities. It is known for easy hiking or for some serious climbing in mountains surrounding the valley.

Logarska Valley | Photo: Aleš Česen
Logarska Valley, Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Most obvious and easy ‘family’ hike would be just down the valley to the famous waterfall Rinka. If you start close to the entrance office of the valley you will need 2 hours one way. However, you can shorten the hike significantly as you can drive part of the way with a car.

For those who would want more serious hike, you should continue from the waterfall up the steep but well marked path. In a couple of hours you will reach Okrešelj. A surreal place surrounded by magnificent mountains of Kamnik Alps. The mountain hut ‘Frischaufov dom na Okrešlju’ offers you accommodation or just a place to have a lovely afternoon lunch in the mountains.

The third option that we recommend is a nice up to the hut ‘Koča na Klemenči jami’. From there you can extend the trip to Ojstrica (for experienced mountain hikers only) or traverse to a neighbourhood valley ‘Robanov kot’. If you end up there hungry, we strongly recommend that you treat yourself at the touristic farm Govc.

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