Triglav Lakes Valley is one of the most romantic places in the Julian Alps. It is a valley above the famous Lake Bohinj, in the direction of Mt Triglav and Mt Kanjavec. The valley is also called the Seven Lakes Valley (although there are actually ten lakes in total). All the lakes in the valley are connected by underground aquifers. The lakes ultimately drain out as a spectacular waterfall called ‘Slap Savica’ at the end of the Bohinj Valley, which feeds the Bohinj lake itself.

Day 1

The best start is the high plateau pastures of ‘Planina Blato’ above the Bohinj lake. From there we hike past several traditional shepherd’s huts. On the way, we can stop in to one of them for a quick lunch in the form of a traditional local made dish. We finish with a descent towards the Triglav lakes Valley and settle in the mountain hut ‘Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih’. The hut is located just by the lake ‘Dvojno jezero’ and lake Močivec.

Day 2

A bit shorter, but the most spectacular day is the hike up to the Triglav Lakes Valley. After an hour of pleasant walking, we will reach the biggest lake called the Kidney Lake due to its distinctive shape. From there we continue the hike up to discover the five upper lakes. They are smaller but located in the fantastic ambient of Mt Kanjavec and other mountains. In the early summer season, some of these lakes may be still covered in ice and snow. We can finish the day in the mountain hut just above these higher lakes. The longer alternative is to continue down to the Soča valley.

Day 3-4

From the hut ‘Zasavska koča’ there are more options:

To extend the hike, we can climb on Mt Kanjavec and continue to one of the huts below the Mt Triglav summit. On the following morning, we can summit Triglav and descent down to Vrata or Krma Valley.

A more easygoing option is to descend to the Soča Valley, visit the magnificent Soča spring and then visit a completely renovated traditional farm ‘Kekčeva domačija’ where we can enjoy a great traditional culinary experience.

For easy, but long hiking, this tour is suitable to do anytime when there is no snow. Therefore the best period is between June and October. While the hike is stunning anytime, the most memorable experience is usually in early October, when you can witness all the shades of autumn colours.

Anyhow, if you are keen on ski touring, this route can be done on skis in the winter time. Although the mountain huts are closed in Triglav Seven Lakes Valley,  there is accommodation available in the so-called winter rooms. This requires heavier backpacks with a bit of extra food and bivy equipment, but the experience of mountain wilderness most definitely richer this way. For such an adventure, the period between late February and late March is most suitable.

Triglav Seven Lakes | Photo: Rožle Bregar
Triglav Seven Lakes | Photo: Rožle Bregar
Triglav Seven Lakes
Triglav Seven Lakes
Triglav Seven Lakes