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Article about Midgard Experience on Bloomberg, with permission Bloomberg Finance L.P.

We are proud to announce that Midgard Experience got the attention from the big eyes, this time from one of American biggest publication,


The enticingly written article by Brandon Presser depicts his Midgard Experience experience, accompanied with majestic photos from Marko Prezelj. He captured the essence of our efforts in a way that we could word better:

That’s why Cesen decided to create Midgard Experience, a customized trekking outfit and mountaineering academy for all levels that opened in June. His goal is twofold: first, to devise a series of technical courses that can initiate hikers into the impenetrable-seeming world of alpinism. And second, to turn his native Slovenia into the latest must-visit adventure destination—the next Iceland.

– Brandon Presser, 12 July 2018,
Bloomberg: How Hiking May Hold the Key to Slovenia’s Tourism Future

Recognition from the outside world means a lot, but does not mean we will rest on our laurels. Far from it, it gives us motivation to continue our mission to become the best personalised tour operator of Alpine experiences in the region. We still have “a long route to climb”, both literally and metaphorically.

Currently we are filling up two fixed-date 6 days experiences starting this September: Midgard Rock Climbing Course with focus on improving your rock climbing skills, and Hiking Kamnik & Julian alps for those who want to experience with they own eyes and feet, why Slovenia is the next big thing.

We’d be super-happy to have you join us!

– Midgard team



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