Logarska Valley is one the greenest valleys in Slovenia with tree-covered hills, flowery fields and the stunning ridge of the Kamnik Alps simply engulfing you. There are a few hiking options and round trips. Many paths lead up to the steep Kamnik Alps and if you are up for a little challenge you have multiple summits to conquer. You can also start from here on your multiple hiking or climbing trip.

An attractive option is to hike up to the hut  ‘Dom na Okrešlju’ for a lunch. Specially because on the way up you will pass the impressive Rinka waterfall. Continuing further up it takes you up to Kamniško Sedlo hut. Because the hut has just recently been renovated it offers great accommodation and meals.

Visiting Logarska Valley can be perfect in combination with Jezersko in a multi-day private touring option around Kamnik Alps.

The best period to visit Logarska Valley is in the summertime. July and August are the busiest months. Since the place is small and accommodation is limited, we advise you to book early if you plan to come during the high season. Taking this into account, the best time to have a truly great experience would be September.

Later in autumn (late September and October) nature can be magical and temperatures are perfect for longer hikes. However, it can be riskier in terms of weather, since there is a bigger chance of rainy weather.

Winter is the time when almost no one is exploring the valley. But if you are more of an adventures type, you can have a blast exploring all the ice and snow formations. In winter time the area can be great place for ice climbing. The best period for this would be January and February, although it is impossible to predict when to expect optimal ice climbing conditions.

Logarska Valley | Photo: Aleš Česen
Klemenča Jama Hut
Jezersko, Kamnik Alps