Welcome to our home in Slovenia.

Our founding team are three individuals that share the same vision of life. Outdoor living and creating experiences is our passion and we love to share it with people. We truly believe that a good experience can be life-changing and it’s one of the best investments people can make for themselves. We hail from different parts of the world. Polona and Aleš were born and raised in Slovenia while Siggi has fallen love with Slovenia but is originally from Iceland.

Each of us is passionately connected to the mountains and nature, each in our own different way. What we have in common are our curiosity and adventurous spirit. We have combined our skills, knowledge and experiences gained across the globe doing the things we love and we are eager to share our enthusiasm with you. Our mission is not just to show you Slovenian mountains, canyons and valleys. We are not just offering climbing, hiking or sightseeing. We want you to truly experience all this, make lifelong memories and gain new skills.

Midgard Experience Team
Aleš Česen

Aleš Česen

Aleš is a world a class mountaineer and alpinist. As an IFMGA mountain guide he loves to share his knowledge, passion and experiences with his clients.

He has been on a numerous climbing expedition in the Alps, Himalayas, Karakoram and elsewhere where he has done a lot of difficult first ascents. One of most prestigious was first ascent on Hagshu North Face (2015 piolets d’or), NW ridge of Gasherbrum IV summer 2017 and historical first ascent in the Latok north face in summer 2018. 

He has been climbing practically since ever. When still being a kid, he was travelling the Europe with his parents and brother. Not for seaside like most normal families from Slovenia. But for climbing. Somewhere on the way, this kind of activity indisputably became a part of him.

Today he is a passionate mountain climber who enjoy all different kind of climbing conditions. Alpine climbing in severe conditions and high elevation is probably what would best described his main thing. When he takes them climbing, skiing or just hiking his energy and love for the mountains and nature is truly infectious. When being off the mountains, he spend most of the time with his young family, often climbing in some rock climbing crags.

Polona Juričinec

She has been involved with nature since a young age. Growing partly up on a farm with her grandparents, she was able to experience the Slovenian wilderness at it’s best. Learning important skills of how to go in nature and explore it was naturally for her. When she got older also Scouts helped her discover wilderness of Slovenia. At that time she found her true passion. She started to climb and discover the mountains, which offered her a new perspective of nature. By profession she is a Sport Teacher, thus she knows how to transform her climbing knowledge also to young kids. Furthermore, dealing with two small super active kids while climbing in an overhanging route taught  her dealing with several difficult tasks at the same time.

Sigurdur Bjarni Sveinsson

Sigurdur Bjarni Sveinsson

Siggi is an Icelandic nature enthusiast and tourism entrepreneur. He founded Midgard Adventure (2010, only 23y old), co-founded Midgard Basecamp (2017) which are Icelandic premier tourism companies and co-founded Midgard Experience in Slovenia. Partly growing up at his grandparents farm, from an early age Siggi has been taught how to travel in the Icelandic mountains by his father and grandfather. He learned how to appreciate the outdoors in very natural way. After making the nature and creating experiences his life goals, he has been busy enjoying expeditions. Thus he summited Denali, did traversing of northern Patagonian Icecap, traveling in the Alps such as Mt.Blanc, has been exploring the Icelandic highlands and more. All this while building tourism businesses and creating lifelong memories for his customers at the same time.  “I just love getting inspired in the nature and bring that inspiration into my enterprise for others to enjoy”.