Mountaineering covers a wide range of activities, such as technical climbing, ski touring, hiking, snowshoeing or even mountain biking. By classic winter mountaineering, we mean technically easy trips in winter conditions. We use at least one ice axe and crampons on boots. You do not need to have any special experiences or skills. Curiosity and desire for an adventure are enough. We will take care of the rest.

The tours are tailored to your fitness level, your wishes and weather conditions. It can be only a few hours long, or it can be a multi-day expedition. The usual guide to client ratio is 1 to 3, but it can be higher or lower, depending on the group and planned tours. Below you can find just a few examples of the tours.


Triglav (2864 m / 9396 ft)

Climbing the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav is a must for every Slovenian. But only a few climb it in the winter. Become one of them, and you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks.

Jalovec (2645 m / 8678 ft)

Jalovec is without a doubt one of the most impressive mountains in the surrounding area of Soča Valley. In fact, this mountain doesn’t need any more marketing. Its shape is the logo for the Alpine Association of Slovenia.

Prisank (2547 m / 8356 ft)

Prisank is located above Slovenia’s highest vehicle accessible mountain pass Vršič. The most famous legend in the area is about the mountain girl “Ajdovska deklica”. The girl turned to stone in the valley below the mountain. Nowadays, we can see her face well on Prisank’s north face. Slightly above the girl’s face, you find two giant natural windows that allow you to look through the mountain. The ascent up this mountain is particularly unique, because you pass by the stone faces, and through the larger window.

Grintovec (2558 m / 8392 ft)

Grintovec is the highest mountain in the Kamnik Alps, and it has an outstanding upper part called “The Roof”. Despite its beauty, the mountain is often underestimated. But we can assure you that this trip is one of the best in the area.

Storžič (2132 m / 6995 ft)

Storžič is one of the most beautiful mountains above the city of Kranj and deserves our attention. Because it has a cone like shape, it is in the background of almost every photo of the city. Now it is time for you to take the photo from the summit and show it to your friends.


The proper winter conditions in Slovenia last from mid-November until mid-May. The amount of snow and its condition can vary a lot from season to season. From mid-February, the days are considerably longer, which can be an advantage if you would like to do long days or even multi-day tours.

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